The central message of God's Word has to do with God's holiness and mankind's need for forgiveness and reconciliation with Him. As the church, it is our great privilege and responsibility to bring that message to the world. For this reason, EBC is committed to the proclamation of God's perfect Law and the glorious Gospel of His grace here in Englewood and throughout the globe. As we gather each week, the focus of our ministry is on Godís worship and the preaching and teaching of the Bible. Following the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, we seek to make disciples and to teach them all things that Jesus commands. But this duty extends well beyond our congregation because Christ is committed to making disciples from "all the nations."
EBC helps support, financially, by our prayers, and by our direct labors, the ongoing work of church planting, evangelism, leadership training, and mercy ministry in many parts of the world.
Community Involvement
It is our desire to serve our community, and we are seeking to do so in a growing number of ways. These include ministry to patients at a local rehabilitation center, Summer Vacation Bible Schools for children, and the provision of food and other items for those in the community who are in need. We also participate in special community events where we converse and share the Gospel with the people in our neighborhood.
Each year, EBC hosts a Bible conference, a youth weekend, and other special retreats and gatherings. At each of these events, attendees are instructed from the Scriptures and have the opportunity to form and strengthen relationships with each other.
Book Room
The EBC book room, located in our church building, is a fine source for God-honoring literature. Our shelves are stocked with books on subjects pertaining to the Christian life, the family, church life, and doctrinal issues Ė all approached from a biblical perspective.
Bible Studies
Bible and book studies run at various times throughout the year.

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