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The Work of Christ in Salvation02-The Nation of Israel-12/16/12pm-Isaiah 49:1-13

The Woman, Satan and the Savior-12/16/12am-Rev. 12:1-17

The Work of Christ in Salvation01-Redemption, Substitution, and Deliverance-12/09/12pm-Gal. 1.1-5

God's Eternal Purpose-Abraham and Sarah-12/09/12am-Gen. 11

God's Final Triumph in the New Heaven and Earth-12/02/12pm-Rev. 21. 1-8

Heaven, Hell and Judgment-12/02/12am-Rev. 14

Our Relationship with God-11/25/12pm-1Thess. 5. 16-18

Jesus' Healing of the Ten Lepers-11/25/12am-Luke 17. 11-19

Colossians49-Aristarchus, Mark and Justis-11/18/12pm-Col. 4. 10-12

The Grace of God08-God's Enduring Grace-11/11/12pm-Heb. 4: 16

The Grace of God07-The Throne of Grace-11/11/12am-Heb. 4: 16

The Grace of God06-God's Grace In Our Trials-11/04/12pm-2 Cor. 12. 1-10

The Grace of God05-God's Grace to Paul-11/04/12am-Phil. 3. 4-7

The Grace of God04-In Our Salvation-10/28/12pm-Rom. 6. 1-12

The Grace of God03-Blessings from Grace-10/28/12am-Rom. 5.1-2

The Grace of God02-In the Christian Life-10/21/12pm-Rom. 16.1-6

The Grace of God01-In the Gospel-10/21/12am-Eph. 2.1-10

True Christian Fellowship-10/14/12pm-Job 2. 11-13-Pastor Paul Wallace

We Live by Faith, not by Sight-10/14/12am-2 Cor. 5. 7-Pastor Paul Wallace

Self Examination-A Christian's Duty-10/07/12pm-Ps. 139. 23-24

God's Precious and Infinite Thoughts Towards Us-10/07/12am-Ps. 139. 1-18

Christ the Foundation02-of the Church-09/30/12pm-1Cor. 3. 9-15

Christ the Foundation01-Our Salvation-09/30/12am-1Cor. 3. 9-15

Jesus the Great Shepherd and His Sheep-09/23/12pm-Mark 8

Jesus and Barabbas-09/23/12am-Matt. 27. 15-26

Old Light on New Worship02-09/16/12pm

The Salvation of Bartimaeus-09/16/12am-Mark 10.46-52

Mission Report from Zambia-09/09/12pm-Ray Warwick

The Heart of Worship-09/09/12am-Isa. 6.1-10

Old Light on New Worship01-09/02/12pm-Lev. 10.1-3

How Believers and Unbelievers See Christ's Second Coming-09/02/12am-Ps. 97. 1-12

Mission Report from Niksic, Montenegro-08/26/12pm-Rom. 10. 13-17-Stan Surbatovich

Jesus-The Way, the Truth and the Life-08/26/12am-John 14. 1-6

The State of Blessedness02-08/19/12pm-Ps. 32.3-11-Pastor Tim Johnson

The State of Blessedness01-08/19/12am-Ps. 32.1-2-Pastor Tim Johnson

Adam's Sin and Christ's Obedience-08/12/12pm-1Cor. 15. 45-47

The Kingdoms of Christ-08/12/12am-Ps. 24

The Armor of God-08/05/12pm-Ephesians 6. 10-20

The Gospel Preached to the Gentiles-08/05/12am-Acts 10. 34-48

The Glory Belonging to Our Savior-07/29/12pm-Ps 89. 19-37

Where Can Wisdom Be Found?-07/29/12am-Job 28. 12-28

Colossians48-07/22/12pm-Onesimus-The Slave that Became a Freeman-Col. 4. 7-9

Colossians47-07/22/12am-Tychicus-The Freeman that Became a Slave-Col. 4. 7-9

Colossians46-07/15/12pm-Evangelism03-Prayer in Effective Evangelism-Col. 4.5-6

Colossians45-07/15/12am-Evangelism02-Conduct Yourselves with Wisdom Toward Outsiders-Col. 4. 5-6

Colossians44-07/08/12pm-Evangelism01-An Open Door for the Word-Col. 4. 3-4

Colossians43-07/08/12am-Thanksgiving in our Prayer Life-Col. 4. 2

Love in the Heart of the Psalmist02-07/01/12pm-Love for God's Word-Ps. 119. 105-112

Colossians42-07/01/12am-Watchfulness in Prayer-Col. 4. 2

Love in the Heart of the Psalmist01-06/24/12pm-Ps. 18. 1-2

Colossians41-06/24/12am-"Devote Yourselves to Prayer"-Col. 4. 2-6

The Promises of God02-06/17/12pm-Man's Unbelief-Num. 11. 23

Colossians40-06/17/12am-"For he who does wrong"-Col. 3. 25

The Promises of God01-06/10/12pm-'Is the Lord's Power Limited?'-Num. 11. 23

Colossians39-06/10/12am-The Reward of the Inheritance-Col. 3. 24 

The Blessings of a Christian Home03-05/27/12pm-Family Worship02-Deut. 6. 6-7

The Necessity of a Deacon-05/27/12am

The Blessings of a Christian Home02-05/20/12pm-Family Worship01-Ps. 128

The Blessings of a Christian Home01-05/20/12am-Ps. 128

Dorcas-Her Life, Death, Resurrection and Reward-05/13/12am-Acts 9. 36-43

Who is among you that fears the Lord?-05/06/12pm-Isa. 5. 10

In that day a fountain shall be opened-05/06/12am-Zech. 13. 1

My Refuge and My Fortress-04/29/12pm-Ps. 91

The Disease of Anxiety and it's Divine Cure-04/29/12am-1 Peter 5. 6-7

Psalm 119. 25-32-04/22/12pm

Spiritual Blessings Given to Every Christian-04/22/12am-John 8. 36

The Love of God02-04/15/12pm-1 John 3. 1

The Love of God01-04/15/12am-1 John 4. 1-10

The Death of Christ-04/08/12pm-John 19. 16-25-Old Testament Fulfillments

The Empty Tomb-04/08/12am-John 20. 1-18

Colossians38-04/01/12am-Col. 3.23-The Employer-Employee Relationship03

Colossians37-03/25/12pm-Col. 3.21-41-The Employer-Employee Relationship02

You are the Light of the World-03/25/12am-Matt. 5.14-16

Colossians36-03/18/12pm-Col. 3.21-41-The Employer-Employee Relationship01

Colossians35-03/18/12am-Col. 3.20-The Parent-Child Relationship

The Marriage Relationship09-03/11/12pm

The Marriage Relationship08-03/11/12am-1 Cor. 13. 4-7

The Marriage Relationship07-03/04/12pm-Eph. 5. 22

The Marriage Relationship06-03/04/12am-Eph. 5. 22

The Day of Trouble03-02/26/12pm--Ps 50. 15

The Day of Trouble02-02/26/12am--Ps 50. 15

The Love of Christ for the Church-02/19/12pm-Eph. 5. 22-27-Past, Present and Future

The Day of Trouble01-02/19/12am-Ps 50. 15

Our Glorious Inventory-02/05/12am-1 Cor. 3. 21-23

The Marriage Relationship05-02/05/12pm-Biblical Communication      

The Marriage Relationship04-02/05/12am-Gen. 3-Redemption

The Marriage Relationship03-01/29/12pm-Gen. 3-After the Fall

The Marriage Relationship02-01/29/12am-Gen. 2-Before the Fall

Colossians34-01/22/12pm-Col. 3.18-19-The Marriage Relationship01

Colossians33-01/22/12am-Col. 3.17-The Christian's Purpose in Living

Colossians32-01/15/12pm-Col. 3.16-The Word of Christ

Colossians31-01/15/12am-Col. 3.15-The Peace of Christ

Communion and Fellowship with God31-01/08/12am-The Importance of Corporate Prayer-1Tim 2.1-2

Discouragement and Cure of False Expectations-01/08/12am-Exod. 16.1-3

Rahab, an Example of True and Living Faith02-01/01/12pm-Joshua 6.25

Rahab, an Example of True and Living Faith01-01/01/12am-Hebrews 11.30-31

Communion and Fellowship with God30-12/25/11pm-The Lord's Prayer19

Communion and Fellowship with God29-12/18/11pm-Matt. 6.13-The Lord's Prayer18

Communion and Fellowship with God28-12/18/11am-Matt. 6.13-The Lord's Prayer17

Communion and Fellowship with God27-12/11/11pm-Matt. 6.13-The Lord's Prayer16

Communion and Fellowship with God26-12/04/11pm-Matt. 6.13-The Lord's Prayer15

Communion and Fellowship with God25-12/04/11am-Matt. 6.13-The Lord's Prayer14

Communion and Fellowship with God24-11/20/11am-Matt. 6.12-The Lord's Prayer13

Communion and Fellowship with God23-11/13/11pm-Matt. 6.12-The Lord's Prayer12

Communion and Fellowship with God22-11/13/11am-Matt. 6.12-The Lord's Prayer11

The Promise of Infinite Resources-11/06/11pm-Isa. 40.28-31-Pastor Tim Johnson

The Law and the Gospel 03-10/30/11am-Rom. 3.

The Law and the Gospel 02-10/23/11pm-Rom. 1.

The Law and the Gospel 01-10/23/11am-Rom. 1. (Some technical difficulties with mic.)

Communion and Fellowship with God21-10/16/11pm-Matt. 6.11-The Lord's Prayer10

Communion and Fellowship with God20-10/16/11am-Matt. 6.11-The Lord's Prayer9

Communion and Fellowship with God19-10/02/11pm-Matt. 6.10-The Lord's Prayer8

Communion and Fellowship with God18-10/02/11am--Matt. 6.10-The Lord's Prayer07

Communion and Fellowship with God17-09/25/11pm--Matt. 6.10-The Lord's Prayer06

Communion and Fellowship with God16-09/25/11am--Matt. 6.10-The Lord's Prayer05

Communion and Fellowship with God14-09/18/11am--Matt. 6.10-The Lord's Prayer04

Communion and Fellowship with God13-09/11/11pm--Matt. 6.9-The Lord's Prayer03

Communion and Fellowship with God12-09/11/11am-Psalm 62.1-5

Communion and Fellowship with God11-09/04/11pm--Matt. 6.9-The Lord's Prayer02

Communion and Fellowship with God10-09/04/11am-Matt. 6.9-13-The Lord's Prayer01

Communion and Fellowship with God09-08/28/11pm-Matt. 21.21-22

Communion and Fellowship with God08-08/28/11am-2Peter 1.19

Communion and Fellowship with God07-08/21/11pm-Ps. 5. 1-3

Christ at the Right Hand of God-07/31/11pm-Col. 3.1-Pastor John Swindlehurst

The Encounter at the Red Sea-07/31/11-Exod. 14.1-14-Pastor John Swindlehurst

Communion and Fellowship with God06-07/17/11pm-Acts 17.10

Communion and Fellowship with God05-07/17/11am-Prov. 8.1-8

Communion and Fellowship with God04-06/26/11pm-1Tim. 4.7-8

Communion and Fellowship with God03-06/26/11am-1Tim. 4.7

Communion and Fellowship with God02-06/19/11pm-2Cor. 13.14

Communion and Fellowship with God01-06/19/11am-Gen. 3. 8-13

Colossians30-06/12/11am-Col. 3.14-Put on Love

Colossians29-06/05/11am-Col. 3.13-Forgiving one another

Colossians28-05/29/11am-Col. 3.12-Gentleness and Patience

Colossians27-05/22/11am-Col. 3.12-Put on a Heart of Humility

The Just Shall Live by Faith-2-05/01/11pm-Habakkuk 2.4-Pastor Tim Johnson

The Just Shall Live by Faith-1-05/01/11am-Habakkuk 2.4-Pastor Tim Johnson

Colossians26-04/10/11am-Col. 3.12-Putting on a Heart of Humility

Colossians25-04/03/11am-Col. 3.12-Putting on a Heart of Kindness

Colossians24-03/27/11am-Col. 3.12-14-Putting on a Heart of Compassion








Biblical Parenting16-02/13/11pm-Exhortations and Reminders about Biblical Parenting



Living a Life of Principled Obedience03-01/30/11am

Philippians 4.10-13-01/23/11pm-Pastor James Domm

Defending and Contending for the Faith-01/23/11am-Pastor James Domm

Living a Life of Principled Obedience02-01/02/11pm

Living a Life of Principled Obedience01-01/02/11am

The Lord's Day05-12/12/10pm

The Lord's Day04-12/12/10am

The Lord's Day03-11/28/10am

The Lord's Day02-11/14/10am

The Lord's Day01-11/07/10am

















The Exalted Place of Singing in the Church03-07/11/10pm

The Exalted Place of Singing in the Church02-07/04/10pm

The Exalted Place of Singing in the Church01-06/20/10pm

Biblical Parenting15-06/14/09pm-Dealing with the Hearts of Our Children

Biblical Parenting14-04/12/09pm-The Human Development of Jesus Christ

Biblical Parenting13-04/05/09pm-Children in the Worship of the Church

Biblical Parenting12-03/29/09pm-Family Worship

Biblical Parenting11-03/22/09pm-The Instruction of the Lord

Biblical Parenting10-03/15/09pm-When Should the Rod of Discipline be Used?

Biblical Parenting09-03/08/09pm-The Proper Use of the Rod of Discipline   

Biblical Parenting08-03/01/09pm-What Kind of Parents Must We be in Using the Rod of Discipline    

Biblical Parenting07-02/22/09pm-The Discipline of God Our Father and Corporate Punishment

Biblical Parenting06-02/15/09pm-God Our Heavenly Father as the Perfect Model of Parenting    

Biblical Parenting05-02/08/09am-The Responsibility of Fathers in Rearing Their Children

Biblical Parenting04-02/01/09pm-The Divinely Conferred Authority of Parents     

Biblical Parenting03-02/01/09am-The High Calling of Motherhood

Biblical Parenting02-01/25/09pm-The Authority of Scripture in Rearing Our Children

Biblical Parenting01-01/25/09am-The Image of God and the Problem of Sin in Our Children

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