Appendix 3

Although all the power of the creature to act be from the Creator, and there is a providence of God always extended to every creature, and to every action of the creature; yet we judge that the final corruption of the creature, and the sinfulness of the creature's action, is from the creature, and not from God: and that it is a great sin to say that God is the [chargeable] author of sin, Eccles. 7:29; Hab.1:13; James 1:13 - 15; 1 Cor.14:33; 1 John 2:16. As touching that place which is here objected against us. viz., Amos 3:6, "Shall there be evil in a city, etc.," we conceive that it is either to be rendered according to the last translation in the margin, "Shall there be evil in a city, and shall not the Lord do somewhat?" or else that it is to be understood only of the evil of punishment, and not of the evil of sin.