Appendix 13

Though nothing be hid from God, and God imputeth not iniquity to any believer, yet ought we to confess our sins unto God, and to beseech Him to deal with us according to His own promise; viz., to be still gracious and merciful unto us though we have sinned against Him, not being wroth with us, nor rebuking us, nor ceasing to do good unto us because we have sinned, Isa.54:9; Heb.8:12; Dan.9:18 - 20; Ps.32:5, 25:7; Ezek.36:37; James 5:1. Thus according to Christ's direction, we pray unto God to forgive us our sins, Luke 11:4; yet still we are to look upon God as our Father, Luke 11:2; and consequently upon ourselves as His children; and so not short of justification, or under wrath, but washed in Christ's blood from all our sins. In such confession and petitions we show obedience to God, and do also exercise faith towards God, and repentance or godly sorrow for sin by which we see and confess that we for our parts have deserved wrath.