Appendix 22

As Christ doth not teach, nor allow that we should be without natural affection, or unsociable (see Rom.1:31); so our being made partakers of Christ, doth not discharge us from the duties of our relations. Believing servants must perform the duties of servants toward their masters though unbelieving, 1 Tim.6:1. So believing children must perform the duties of children toward their parents, Col.3:20; believing wives, the duties of wives toward their husbands, 1 Pet.3:1; and believing subjects must be subject to principalities and powers, and obey magistrates, Rom.13:1, etc.; Titus 3:1; 1 Pet.2:13 - 15. But still they must remember that their fear toward God must not be taught by the precept of men, Isa.29:13; that these ought to obey God rather than men, Acts 5:29; and that the submission that must be given to men, must be given to them for the Lord's sake, 1 Pet.2:14.

Thus I conclude with the Apostle's words (in 2 Tim. 2:7) a little varied, but not misapplied, "Consider what we teach: and the Lord give you understanding in all things."