This is a revision of the Catechism for Young Children originally published by the Reformed Baptist Church of Grand Rapids in 1981. That catechism was, in turn, a revision of the Catechism for Young Children published by Great Commission Publications. We remember with gratitude their encouragement in that earlier revision.

Our original revision, in the twelve years since its publication, has gone through several printings. It has been met with an acceptance and sale which encourages our hearts that the practice of catechizing even young children is experiencing a spiritual renaissance. One of the mothers in our church, Mrs Ruth Scholtens, came up with the idea of challenging her children to prove each of the answers in the catechism by quoting a relevant text of Scripture. Though any defects in the present catechism are our responsibility, we, her pastors, used her work as the basis for this revision and wish publicly to thank her for the permission so to do. Our hope is that by appending texts of Scripture to its questions and answers, parents may be aided in imparting to their children a little treasury of key biblical texts. We have endeavored to select brief, relevant texts suited to the minds of children which would also be of broader, spiritual usefulness. Longer texts are often repeated to allow children time to master them.

This new revision - The Children's "Prove It" Catechism - was first published in 1993.


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