Truth for Eternity Catalog:

(2004 Edition)

(Prices as of Aug,  2003. Payments may nowbe made with Master Card or VISA.)

Orders of 10+ copies - 10%discount
Orders of 100+ copies - 20% discount


What God Says to the United States,  Pr. D. Merck. Spiral bound, $2.25.

The End Times Made Simple, Pr. S. Waldron $16.95 (Pb, Published by Calvary Press).

A Brief History of Associating and Associations Among Baptists, Pr. D. Merck, Spiral bound, $6.75.

A Critique of Howard J. VanTill's The Fourth Day, Pr. S. Waldron

A refutation of false teaching. Spiral bound. $2.80.

A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, Pr. S. Waldron {Not available at this time}

A hardback book published by Evangelical Press

(3rd printing) $16.95. Spanish edition - $10.90

A Warning Against Modern Liberalism, Pr. S. Waldron

A 40 page booklet, $1.00

Baptist Roots in America, Pr. Sam. Waldron

A 50 page paperback book published by Simpson Publ. $6.00.

Bible Rules for a Happy Marriage, Pr. S. Waldron

2 page leaflet, $ .10 each.

Biblical Baptism: A Reformed Defense of Believer’s Baptism, Pr. S. Waldron

An 80 page booklet, $3.75.

Catechism booklets -

Children's "Prove It" Catechism

A catechism for young children. Scripture Proofs in NASB. $.75.

NEW – Scripture Proofs in NKJV, $.75.

The Shorter Catechism; A Modest Revision for Baptists Today

$3.10. Proof texts are in NASB. (See SS materials below).

Celestial Railroad, Nathaniel Hawthorne

A story based on Pilgrim’s Progress, $1.25

Children & Church Membership, Pr. D. Merck, Spiral bound $3.00.

Easy Christianity, Pr. S. Waldron

Not in print presently, online at link above.

Eschatology, Pr. S. Waldron

Lectures given in the School of Theology. Spiral bound, $18.75

Family in Crisis, Pr. S. Waldron

A pamphlet on the evils confronting today's families, $ .45

In Defense of Parity: A Presentation of the Parity or Equality of Elders in the New Testament, by Samuel E. Waldron, Gregory G. Nichols, David J. Chanski, 138 pages, $5.00.

Lectures on the Lord's Day, Pr. S. Waldron. Lectures given in the School of Theology. 90 page, spiral bound, $7.50 each.

Maintaining Dating Purity, Pr. D. Merck A 61 page booklet $3.75.

The Regulative Principle, Pr. S. Waldron 27 page booklet; $2.80.

The True, The False, and the Homosexual, Pr. S. Waldron A 20 page booklet; $ 1.00.

Theonomy, A Reformed Baptist Assessment, Pr. S. Waldron

Lectures, Spiral bound, $6.25.

Things Lacking: A Biblical Perspective Regarding Churches Without Pastors, Pr. Dave Merck, spiral bound $4.15.

We Must Obey God, Pr. S. Waldron A 30 page booklet on conscientious disobedience; $3.00.

What Does the Bible Say About God? Pr. G. Nichols Doctrine of God, Spiral bound, 262 pages, $13.75

What God Says About Unconditional Love, Pr. Dave Merck Spiral bound, $7.00

What Is A Work of Necessity When It Comes to Sabbath-Keeping? Pr. D. Merck Spiral bound, $2.00

Trinity Hymnal

Trinity Hymnal, Baptist EditionNew prices are: Pew binding, less than 20, $17.05 ea.; 20+ 16.05 ea.  Up to 3 copies will be sent by US mail.  Shipping is included except if they request priority mail.  All others by UPS and shipping is included.  Foreign orders, less than 20, $15.70 ea; 20+ $14.70 plus shipping.

Sunday School Curriculum

Sunday School Curriculum for 8 - 11 year olds  This Bible Survey is written by Pauline Trummel and edited by Pastor Greg Nichols.   Two years of Old Testament Survey is contained in 4 loose leaf notebooks (one for each semester), with the lessons prepared for teachers, and activity sheets available to copy for students.  Two years of the New Testament Survey are available.  The cost for each notebook (semester) is $25.00

Church History, Pr. Dave Merck, (84 lessons); 2 Manuals (Apostolic thru Medieval, & Reformation thru Modern) containing outlines and other handouts, $10.60 ea.; Teachers notes on 4 disks (WP 5.1) $5.00. (Complete course consists of 2 manuals and 4 disks, $26.20).

Shorter Catechism Study Lessons  4 volumes for teachers, 4 for students. Spiral bound with 89 lessons & 12 quizzes cover The Shorter Catechism; A Modest Revision for Baptists Today (Listed above) Student's Manuals $3.10 each; Teacher’s Manuals $3.75 each.


Cassette Tapes: Baptism & the Lord's Supper
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