Samuel Waldron

Historical Theology

Module (1)




(Early Church History)


Part 1: Prolegomena to Historical Theology

Section 1: Its Encyclopedic Analysis

Section 2: Its Biblical Approach

Section 3: Its General Overview

Part 2: The Expansion of Christianity

Section 1: Its Classical Setting

Section 2: Its Pre-Constantinian Expansion

Section 3: Its Pre-Constantinian Persecution

Section 4: Its Post-Constantinian Expansion

Part 3: The Apostolic Fathers

Section 1: Their Reputed Writings

Section 2: Their General Character

Section 3: Their Doctrinal Significance

Section 4: Their Church Government

Part 4: The Recognition of the New Testament Canon

Section 1: The Apostolic Fathers

Section 2: The Early Heresies

Section 3: The Subsequent Consensus

Part 5: Trinitarianism

Section 1: The Development before the Arian Controversy

Section 2: The Arian Controversy

Section 3: The Subsequent Trinitarian Discussion



F. F. Bruce, The Spreading Flame, ch. 16-36.

J. N. D. Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines, ch. 1-5, 8-10, 17.

There are approximately 455 pages of reading for the course.

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