About this Text


The text of Ivimey's History of the English Baptists was downloaded from the internet. It appears to be the same as that found at the Reformed Reader and other web sites. I cannot vouch for it's completeness or accuracy to the original work. This text is not the complete Ivimey's History of the English Baptists, which I have been informed is 6 voumes and 2000 pages! The General Index and Index of Author's quoted are my own work and are imperfect. However, I trust they will be useful to students of Church History.

I trust that this little work is of some benefit to you and assists in understanding particularly the period surrounding the publication of the First and Second London Baptist Confessions of Faith.

I would like to acknowledge the love, encouragement and patience of my wife and my children shown towards me during the many hours at the keyboard which this project involved.

Ivimey's work is without copyright, however, the general and author indexes are copyright by M. T. Smith 2004. The indexes cannot be posted on a web site without written permission of the author. I am happy for you to link to my web site, A Reformed Baptist's Disk.