About the Author

Hi! Welcome to my Web site, A Reformed Baptist's Disk. My name is Mark Smith. My family and I are residents of the suburb of Lawson in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney , Australia. We attend Central Mountains Baptist Church. We also Homeschool our children (unusual here in Australia). I work at the Westmead Millennium Institute, a Medical Research Institute attached to Westmead Hospital.

I am not a computer programmer, but a scientist by training. I have had 15yr research experience in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Sydney. Subsequent to this I have been at the Westmead Millennium Institute at Westmead Hospital in science management positions since 1997.

All the software on this site is FREEWARE. Also, all of the software has been created using FREEWARE programs themselves. The programs used to write these Web pages are

  1. HTML-Kit. Older now, but I am used to it
  2. The Help files on this site are contructed using the various Help compilers released by Microsoft. Most of these and some great programs to help write Help files can be found at HelpMaster.com.
  3. The Microsoft MuliMedia Viewer 2 (used to create the 'Prove It' Catechism, the King James Bible for Viewer and Mathew Henry's Concise Commentary for Viewer)
  4. MediaView (used to create Calvin's Institutes) programs were distributed free by Microsoft on their Multimedia JumpStart CD released several years ago.
  5. For the Portable Programs I have used WebSiteZipPacker to compile the HTML(Web) versions into stand alone portable programs.

Some of you may have wondered about the cryptic e-mail address listed on this site. The name MCJEMISC is made up of the first initial of each of our family members ("the Smiths").

We are:
Mark - that's me
Carmel - my wonderful wife and the children's Mum
Jessica - eldest daughter and first born
Ellen - second daugther and second child
Matthew - first son and third child
Isaac - second son and fourth child
Stephen - third son and fifth child
Claire - third daugther and sixth child

e-mail address:mcjemisc@hotmail.com.