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What is a Reformed Baptist? I suppose many people will have different answers. My running definition is a disciple of Jesus Christ who holds to and lives out the beliefs contained in the 1677/89 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. There are many who hold to this and to the earlier 1644/46 First London Baptists Confession of Faith who would be referred to (or refer to themselves as) "Reformed Baptists".

The purpose of this web site. To bring to you texts from the past that set forward the great historical doctrines of the Reformation and Puritan eras (and particularly of Baptist persuasion) in an easy-to-use computer form. Most of the texts found on this site are available elsewhere on the internet, I have merely tried to make them easy-to-use. It is my prayer that these programs will assist you in your study of the Scriptures.

The software on this site is FREEWARE. That is, they are free for you to use, give to others, place on a CD ROM for public distribution (I would appreciate being notified of this by e-mail though). You can do all this, so long as you don't modify or change anything. Most of the texts utilised in the software on this site is in the public domain, or I have written permission from the author to include their material. The public domain text have no copyright on them so you can copy them an use them yourself!

Almost all of the titles on this site are written for use with Microsoft Windows(TM) in a Hyper-text format. Many are in HTML (web format) that can be downloaded used on any computer with a Web Browser.

Some of the programs on this site use the Windows Helpfile system (.hlp). To use these on Windows 7, you need to download the Microsoft Windows help program (WinHlp.32.exe) for Windows 7. To use these programs on Windows 8, you need to download the Microsoft Windows help program (WinHlp.32.exe) for Windows 8. It is possible the installatin for the programs on this site may not work properly on Windows 7/8. If so, contact me and i will try to help.

Now the Bereans Jews were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so. Acts 17:11

For information on these titles and upcoming titles please email us (mcjemisc@hotmail.com).

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