The BCF Assistant

the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1677/89

The BCF Assistant is a new and enlarged form of the original BCFHelp program. The electronic text in The BCF Assistant has been transcribed from a microfilm copy of an original 1677 Confession. All the old English and even misspelled words have been retained in an attempt to produce a near facsimile to the original text. If you desire to use the commonly used text this is available in the older BCFHelp on this site.

Although the Confession was originally published in 1677, it was done so anonymously due to the persecution of the times. In 1689 this Confession was publicly subscribed to by church representatives at the Association meeting held in London that year and as such has become commonly known as the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith or The Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

The BCF Assistant has several extended features to those found in the BCFHelp, program. Some of these additional features include:

The opening address to the reader and the appendix are of particular interest because these are not commonly published in book form along with the Confession.

The BCF Assistant is copyright, however, it is distributed as FREEWARE. This means that you are free to copy it, distribute it and give it to others etc., as much as you like without legal restriction, as long as the product is distributed "as is", that is, that it is not modified or changed in any way. As far as I am aware, the text of both the KJV Bible and the 1677/89 London Baptist Confession of Faith are not copyrighted. Hence, the copyright does not extend to these texts, only to the form and organisation in which they are found in BCF Assistant. All the contributed materials (mentioned above) remain the property of the individual authors and permission must be obtained for their reproduction.

The BCF Assistant comes with no warranty what so ever. You use it at your own risk.

There are several versions of The BCF Assistant:

A Version for Microsoft Reader designed for Laptops, Notebooks and the Pocket PC.

A 16 bit version designed for Windows 3.1.

A 32 bit version designed for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

An HTML version which should be able to be used on any computer which has a Web browser (including Macintosh, Sun, UNIX systems).