Calvin's Institutes

HTML Version

In order to make Calvin's Institutes available to as many brethren as possible, I have produced an HTML version. All that is required to veiw the HTML version is a reasonably recent Web browser (Version 4 or above) that is Java, frames and CSS compliant. A search facility is included (not written by me), however, this requires your browser to have Run Time Java or Microsoft Virtual Machine for IE (Java engine) to be installed. Unfortunately, this search facility only finds the first occurrence of the word/phrase within each chapter. This HTML version has been fully tested on IE 5.0/5.5. I have also run it under IE6.0 and Mozilla 1.2. Other than these browsers, I can't promise anything, but it should work.

The entire HTML version of the Calvin's Institutes is available online on this site. Click Here. It is also available as a download so that it can be used on you own personal computer (see below).

How do I obtain a copy?

1. Download the file (~1.75Mb)

Click here to download Calvin's institutes (HTML) now!
You may have to "right click" and choose "Save As".

2. Copy the file to an empty directory/folder on your Hard Disk.

3. is a compressed or packed file in the ZIP format. You will need a program to extract all the files out of this package onto your hard disk (about 5.2Mb of Hard Disk Space is required). A free Expander package is available from Aladdin Systems which you can download.

4. After you have installed the Expander program follow the instruction to decompress or extract all the files contained in the file into a new folder on your hard disk. I suggest rbdisk\ci_html.

5. To "run" the HTML version of Calvin's Institutes load the index.htm file in your eb Browser using the standard File/Open Menu item.

If you wish to post the entire Calvin's Institutes on a Web server, please contact the author by e-mail at prior to doing so. Calvin's Institutes is free, however, I would like to know where and by whom it is being deployed. Thank you for your cooperation.