Joseph Ivimey's: A History of English Baptists

The text of Ivimey's History of the English Baptists was downloaded from the internet. It appears to be the same as that found at the Reformed Reader and other web sites. I cannot vouch for it's completeness or accuracy to the original work. The General Index and Index of Author's quoted are my own work. However, I trust they will be useful to students of Church History.

I trust that this little work is of some benefit to you and assists in understanding particularly the period surrounding the publication of the First and Second London Baptist Confessions of Faith in the 1600s.

The text of "Ivimey's History" does not carry copyright, however, it is copyright in the form found here. The General Index and Author Index are copyright to M. T. Smith 2004. This version of "Ivimey's History" is distributed as FREEWARE. This means that you are free to copy it, distribute it and give it to others etc., as much as you like without legal restriction, as long as the product is distributed "as is", that is, that it is not modified or changed in any way. Joseph Ivimey's: A History of English Baptists comes with no warranty what so ever. You use it at your own risk.

There three versions of Joseph Ivimey's: A History of English Baptists.

  1. A "online" HTML version. Click Here.
  2. A downloadeable HTML version in a compressed ZIP file. When uncompressed to your hard disk these files should be readable on any computer with a web browser. Click Here to download (you may need to "right click" and select "Save As"). You will need a program to extract all the files out of this package onto your hard disk (about 1.2Mb of Hard Disk Space is required). A free Expander package is available from Aladdin Systems which you can download.
  3. A version that will install and run under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. It requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v 4.0 and above to be installed (see below).

How does the program work?

Below is a screen shot of the Joseph Ivimey's: A History of English Baptists interface

Screen Shot of Ivimey's History

In Joseph Ivimey's: A History of English Baptists is very simple to navigate. Simply click on the desired chapter in the navigation pane on the left. To Search click on the Search Tab and type your search word.

How do I obtain a copy?

1. Download the ivimey.exe file (~1.2Mb)

Click here to download Ivimey's History now!

2. Copy the ivimey.exe file to any directory/folder on your Hard Disk

3. Using the File manager (or Windows Explorer) navigate to the directory/folder where ivimey.exe was copied. Double Click on the ivimey.exe. This file is a setup/installation file that will copy Ivimey's History onto your Hard disk and install icons to run the program.