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Make Your Own A Reformed Baptist's Disk CD

You can create the A Reformed Baptist's Disk CD yourself by downloading the CD image and burning it to CD.

To burn the ISO image onto a CD you will need to have a CD or DVD burner in your computer and a blank CD.

  1. Download the ISO image to your PC (right click the link and select "Save As"). The image is approx. 75MB, unless you have a DSL conection it will take a loooong time!.
  2. Open your favourite CD/DVD burning software and load the rbdisk.iso file. How you do this will depend on your program, so look at the programs help file for assistance. If you don't have a burning program, I suggest the free CDBurner XP Pro3. Here is a small tutorial on creating the CD using CDBurner XP Pro.
  3. Burn the image to CD. Close the program on completion.
  4. Insert the CD into you computers CD/DVD drive. Wait and watch it run and load the menu (see above). Note: If you have Autorun disabled on you PC, or you don't see the menu after 30seconds, you can run the CD be double clicking on the CDStarter.exe program.